ESX-MT01 EtherCAT Step Motor Module

EtherCAT is an extremely fast industrial automation network, which uses standard Ethernet cabling.

All ESX-series slaves support automatic and manual address setting. Manual addressing by rotary switches allows easy system expansion or modification without re-programming the control system.

ESX-MT32A is a high-performance DC powered microstepping drive for control of stepping motor via EtherCAT using the CAN Application protocol for EtherCAT (CoE).

Microstepping modes are Profile Position, Interpolated Position Mode, and Homing.

With encoder feedback, ESX-MT32A can operate a stepper as a servo motor.
 Product specification
 Number of axis  1 Axis step motor
 System input power  DC5V ~ DC30V
 Servo mode  Profile position and cyclic synchronous position
 EtherCAT specification
 Speed  100Mbps full duplex, auto-crossover
 Cable  RJ45 UTP/STP/FTP Cat5e, CatT6 or above
 Motor drive specification
 Output current  5A / 7A
 Microsteps  Up to 256 microsteps
 Motor  2 phase
 Interface specification
 Communication  CoE CiA402 over EtherCAT
 Output  Ready
 Encoder  Quad A/B phase feedback