EMX-M32 EtherCAT Master Board

EtherCAT is an simple and stable industrial automation network, which uses standard Ethernet cabling.

EMX-M32 is a master controller of EtherCAT with PCI interface. It can be programmed in general user mode in PC without special real time operation system.

Servo modes are Profile Position Mode, Interpolated Position Mode, and Homing.

EMX-M32 can be controlled by API functions and internal c-style task program. The task has step debugging function.

EMX-M32 has 4 groups for multi-axis simultaneous control as Linear, Circle, Helical.
 Product specification
 Number of slave node  Max 32
 PC interface  PCI (66MHz)
 Slave interface  EtherCAT
 EtherCAT specification
 Speed  100Mbps full duplex, 31.25us~64ms
 Cable legnth  0.2m ~ 100m
 Motor control specification
 Command  Cyclic position or torque control, G-code
 Multi-axis  16 axis Linear, Circle, Helical
 Group  4 Groups
 CPU  High speed TI DSP
 Firmware upgrade  Download by PCI bus
 Number of task  4 High Scan, 2 Low scan
 Task program  C language style