ESX-DM32 EtherCAT I/O Slave Module

EtherCAT is an extremely fast industrial automation network, which uses standard Ethernet cabling.

All ESX-series slaves support automatic and manual address setting. Manual addressing by rotary switches allows easy system expansion or modification without re-programming the control system.

ESX-DM32A has high-speed input functionality, with ON/OFF delays of 200μs max. This gives you the full advantage of EtherCAT’s fast cycle times.

Each input has an adjustable filter to remove the noise or contact chattering if required.

Each output can drive 0.5A current per each channel. It will be able to drive the solenoid right away.

 Product specification
 System input power  DC5V ~ DC30V
 IO input power  DC11V ~ DC30V
 Number of IOs  Digital input (16ch), Digital output (16ch)
 IO connection type  Screw terminal 5.08mm pitch, Cable 28 ~ 12AWG
 EtherCAT specification
 Speed  100Mbps full duplex, auto-crossover
 Cable  RJ45 UTP/STP/FTP Cat5e, Cat6 or above
 Digital input specification
 Number of input  16ch, Current sink NPN type
 On state voltage/current  DC11V ~ DC30V, Current 10mA @DC24V
 Off state voltage  Max DC5V
 Digital output specification
 Number of output  16ch, MOSFET with common ground
 On state sink current  Max 0.5A per each channel, Rds Max 0.9Ω
 On state leakage current  Max 100uA per each channel
 Overcurrent shutdown  0.7A ~ 2A